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'Tis the season

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Due to the current pandemic, this year’s celebrations will certainly be unlike any other. Although the social distancing, and mask wearing protocols will most likely still be in place for some time, we can still enjoy the spirit of the season with our loved ones as much as we can.  

To help get me in the holiday spirit, I thought I would bring some festive feelings to some of my new designs. I'm so excited to introduce my latest line of bow tie chokers handmade especially for the holiday season!


The Bright Red Victorian Bow Choker

Bright Red Victorian Bow Choker - Gothic Grace 

Bright Red Victorian Bow Choker - Gothic Grace

Just looking at the bright red cheers me up! The double bow is made with 4" wide embroidered ribbon embellished with a few sequins here and there. I've added a large, round brass setting and a pretty tassel pendant as a focal. The bow has a wire rim so you can shape it as full as you want. It's hand sewn onto a red velvet ribbon and made to be worn off to the side for a more dramatic look.


The Victorian Red Bow Tie Choker

Victorian Red Bow Tie Choker - Gothic Grace

Victorian Red Bow Tie Choker - Gothic Grace

This Victorian red bow tie choker is oh so soft and comfortable! With a lovely filigree setting and dangle this deep red choker is elegant and perfectly festive!

If you're looking for a deeper red - why not try this burgundy Victorian bow tie choker? The large, satiny bow has been sewn off center so that it is positioned on the left side. So easy to put on with my handmade hook clasp - and it's adjustable too!

Burgundy Victorian Bow Tie Choker - Gothic Grace 

This unique, oversized burgundy bow choker is so luxurious! The fabric is satiny and for a bit of contrast, I've added a strip of red velour to the choker base. The bow is sewn off center and is positioned on the right side for a sophisticated look.


Burgundy Bow Choker - Gothic Grace

Burgundy Bow Choker - Gothic Grace 

Do you have a favorite?