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    Size Chart Guidelines


    Not sure which necklace size to order? Use the list below as a guide to traditional necklace lengths for an average woman's body. Of course, everyone's preference for necklace length is unique, depending on body shape, preferred fit, and the style of necklace. For example, a delicate necklace will fit differently than a chunky one, and the exact length of a long necklace is not as critical as that of a short one.

    Necklace Sizes

    12-14 inches: around neck (choker)

    16 inches: at neckline

    18 inches: at collarbone

    20 inches: a few inches below collarbone (mid-chest)

    22-24 inches: at or just above décolletage

    24 inches: just below décolletage

    30 inches: a few inches below décolletage

    36 inches: almost to waistline

    How to measure your necklace size: The best way to determine the proper length to order is to measure a necklace you own in similar style. Another method is to drape a string around your neck, and to cut it once you have determined the length that suits you. Use that measurement as a guide to ordering the closest length available in the style of your choice.

    Please visit our FAQ page for more tips on choosing the right style and size jewellery


    Make sure that your new bracelet fits you perfectly by measuring your wrist or a favorite bracelet before ordering. The average women's bracelet size is 7.5 inches, though we all know that wrists come in as many shapes and sizes as we do. Therefore, it is very important to double-check your wrist and bracelet size before ordering. Remember, your typical clothing size may not correspond to your wrist or bracelet size.

    Bracelet Sizes

    X-Small: 5.5 inches

    Small: 6 inches

    Medium: 6.5 inches

    Large: 7 inches

    X-Large: 7.5 inches

    XXL: 8 inches

    Please note that the sizes above are actual wrist sizes ( 1 to 1.5 inches will be added as required to your wrist measurement—see below). If a bracelet is either adjustable or has an extender chain, it will be noted in its product description. For beaded stretch bracelets a further option may be presented as the comfort level. This option will allow the individual to indicate preference on the how they want the bracelet to fit. The options will generally be snug, comfort, loose.

    Petite and Plus Sizes

    We want everyone to be comfortable wearing Gothic Grace jewellery. If you need to order a necklace or bracelet in a size not listed on a product's listing, please contact us about placing a custom order.

    Please visit our FAQ page for more tips on choosing the right style and size jewellery


    Many of the rings on this site are adjustable however some do require your size for a good fit.

    Follow the instructions on this printable ring sizer to find out what size ring you should order. Please remember to have your printer set to 100% and once printed, check the scale with a ruler to ensure accuracy.

    Printable Ring Sizer

    Please visit our FAQ page for more tips on choosing the right style and size jewellery